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Earn Upto $600 Per Month

Introduction : Online Copy Paste Executive Job (OCPEX)

Copy Paste Jobs are suitable for everyone who is looking for a genuine full time / part time online job opportunity. Online Copy Paste Jobs are for individuals who want to be a part of today's fastest emerging online jobs industry. At present the online jobs industry serves as a wonderful employment source (online money making source) for thousands of people who want to work from home and make money online.

Copy Paste Jobs do not require any special qualification or specific computer skills. You just need to copy paste the data (matter) provided by us into simple online forms available in various free classified websites and then submit those online forms. So online copy paste jobs do not have any complexity. If you do not have a personal computer then you can work from any cyber cafe also. One thing that online copy paste jobs need is a little hard work with dedication and patience.

Currently we are inviting the applications for limited number of posts of Online Copy Paste Executive and anyone can apply for this copy paste job and start earning instantly with us. Number of posts (vacancies) for Online Copy Paste Executive Jobs are limited and new executives will be accepted only till the vacancies remain. No applications for this post will be entertained after all the vacancies are filled up. So if you do not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity then act very fast to register for this genuine online job opportunity. Kindly check the current status for vacancies below -

Job Profile

Copy Paste Jobs Available Kindly apply for this copy paste job only when our website shows the vacancy status as "Available" i.e. you can not apply for this job if our website shows the vacancy status as "Not Available". Currently the vacancy status is "Available" and you can surely apply for Online Copy Paste Executive Job. You do not need to worry about rejection of your application because we do not reject any application received during the "Available" vacancy status.

We will not accept any applications after all the posts for Online Copy Paste Executives are filled up. So if you do not want to miss this exclusive chance then act fast and apply now for this genuine online income opportunity.

  • Calculate Your Daily/Monthly Income
  • Enter The Number Of Forms You Fill Daily:
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  • There Is Not Any Hidden Tax / Hidden Charge And We Pay You $0.10 For Every Form Filled In A Free Classified Website

Job Relevancy : Countries From Where People Can Apply For Online Copy Paste Executive Job

Online Copy Paste Executive Job is available for people in countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Malaysia, Poland, Germany, Sri Lanka, Kenya. This Online Copy Paste Job is currently available in almost 200 countries in the world.

You can only apply for this job if your country's name is listed in the "Applicable Countries " option shown below. To check whether you are applicable for this job or not kindly click the "Applicable Countries" option shown below and find whether your country is listed or not.

Do not loose hope if your country's name is not listed in the "Applicable Countries" option shown above because now you can send an e-mail requesting us to give you the permission to apply for Online Copy Paste Executive Job. You must send us your full name and your country name in the mail. If your request is accepted then you will be sent the details concerning how to apply for Online Copy Paste Executive Job. Acceptation or rejection of your request depends on number of request received from your country. When number of requests from a particular country increase more than our threshold value then only your request will be accepted.

Job Description : Understanding The Copy Paste Work That You Need To Do

The Online Copy Paste Executive Job involves very simple work. You can easily understand the copy paste work that you need to do after being an online copy paste executive in two simple steps -

Step1 : Fill And Submit Simple Online Forms By Copy Pasting The Data (Matter) Provided By Us

We will provide you a huge list of free classified websites where you can easily do the copy pasting work in simple online forms. For doing the copy paste work you just need to visit any free classified website where you will find a simple online form as shown in the image below. You just need to copy paste the data (matter) provided by us into that online form and submit that form by clicking the submit button given at the bottom of that form. On clicking the submit button your form is considered to be filled and submitted.

Different classified websites have almost same kind of online forms. There are very few differences in online forms of different classified websites. But the that data (matter) we provide to our executives is sufficient for copy pasting into almost any form available on any free classified website on internet.

Step2 : Report The Confirmation Links Of Forms Filled And Submitted By You

Every time you fill and submit a form in a free classified website you will get a confirmation link for the form filled and submitted by you. You just need to paste that confirmation link into the report document provided by us as shown in the image below. Similarly you need to paste the confirmation links of all the forms filled and submitted by you in other free classified websites in one month into the report document. At the end of month you just need to send us your report document to our email address - We will then verify all the confirmation links in your report document and after the verification process is complete we will send your monthly earnings to you through cheque.

If you want to understand the work procedure in a more detailed way then just checkout the Copy Paste Work Demo

Job Payout : Payment Procedure For Your Monthly Earnings From The Copy Paste Work

Payments will be made to all Online Copy Paste Executives by on 16th of every month for previous month earnings. You can do the copy pasting work from 1st - 30th of the month. Our month starting date is 1st day of a month and month ending date is 30th day of a month and pay-out date is 16th of every next month. We calculate your earnings between 1st day of a month to 30th day of same month and pay you on 16th of next month. So please do not do any copy pasting work on 31st of any month. We pay our executives absolutely on time. Currently we pay our executives through cheque, details mentioned below - Monthly Earnings For Copy Paste Work Done By You

Cheque - We will send your monthly earnings through cheque on 16th of every month through courier or speed post and it takes 3-4 working days in delivery of cheque.

Millions of people are searching for legitimate online copy paste jobs but they could not find a real one that pays. But you are really the lucky one who has reached our website because this is one of the finest and genuine online copy paste job that is available for people throughout the world and people from all over the world can apply for it. Please do not get fooled or trapped by other websites which are absolutely scam. If you really want to do some genuine online work for real money then you can apply for this job.

Job Application : Apply For The Online Copy Paste Executive Job

You can now easily apply for Online Copy Paste Executive Job by paying a small application fee through any one of the available payment options. We have kept the application fee low so that each and every individual can easily apply and make handsome money every month from online copy paste jobs. Application fee details are given below -

Application Fee : $75.00 (Fee Can Be Paid Via PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card / Electronic Check)

You can now instantly apply for this job by paying our small application fee of $75.00 through secured paypal gateway. PayPal accepts the payment by all major credit cards/debit cards/electronic checks. PayPal is the fastest yet safest way to pay online. PayPal gives 100% security to your privacy by keeping your credit card information unexposed to merchants. To pay the application fee kindly click the paypal image shown below -

On clicking the paypal image you will be taken to secure payment page where you can either sign up with paypal or skip the sign up process and directly make a secure payment of $75.00 using your credit card/debit card/electronic check. You will get an electronic receipt through e-mail which will confirm your successful payment of application fee and on verification of the payment done by you we will instantaneously send your unique username and password required to login into the executives area directly to your email address. The executives area will include complete instructions for working and data (matter) required to copy paste in online forms. The executives area will also include a huge list of free classified websites to kick start the work as well as the report document for submitting your monthly work.

Only limited number of copy paste job executives are required by us. So grab your position now ! We work on first come first serve basis. Already huge number of people all over the world are earning good money from copy paste jobs. It really works for everyone throughout the world. There is no restriction like age, sex, language, qualification and so every one can join and reap the benefits. So start now & don't forget to send us your success stories to share your success with us.

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